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Book Bali With Confidence

Welcome to Puri Asia campaign, a movement where we can all come together and take action to help restore guests’ confidence in the island of Bali as a quality destination. It is difficult to be a hospitality related operator right now. We all know that the volcanic eruption of Mount Agung is a natural disaster that is simply beyond our control. We invite all Hotels, Villas, Travel Agents, Transport Operators and other Hospitality Ventures to stand united by offering guests more flexibility during this emergency situation.

Joining our campaign and putting #BookBaliWithConfidence on all social media platforms means that you are prepared to be flexible with all bookings received.

So, let’s restore confidence in the island of Bali!

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Villa Rental Business Changes the Fate of a Balinese Youth

APPARENTLY the villa rental business is able to change one’s fate. Moreover, Indonesia is chasing foreign exchanges from tourism surel the villa rental business is very promising. The profits can even reach tens of millions per month.

CEO and Founder PT. Puri Asia Indonesia, Anak Agung Alit Juliarta, 28, said that to run the business in this sector, people must master the market and technology. In addition, they must also have insight about and th tourism, not only in the country but also overseas. Thus, consumers can get the best services from the villa rental.  Only few Balinese can survive in the villa rental business because most of the competitors are foreigners. Not many people know about his story. This young layman coming from a disadvantaged family in Klungkung has become a successful entrepreneur in the villa rental services.

Puri Asia is one of the famous villa rental companies owned by him, a Balinese native. Puri Asia, his company, offers selected luxury tropical villas in some of the most exotic places in Asia.  Today, Puri Asia features more than 500 luxury villas in Bali, Lombok, Phuket, Sri Lanka and Maldives and has a branch office in Jakarta. The villas for rent are not just ordinary villas. A number of world’s artists have also used the services of Puri Asia,” said Agung Juliarta on Thursday (Jul. 26).

The villas chosen to be displayed in the portofolio of Puri Asia belong to premium-class villas and have unrivaled views such as beachfront or cliff top and others. Before displaying the villas, he must inspect and ensure that the services and amenities are complete and the best. “This also makes me interested to get involved in this business because I can try in person the luxury villas while spending holidays,” said this native to Klungkung. He is committed to finding the right luxury villas for his clients. Moreover, this all-fast era makes people have no time to browse the villas being appropriate for a holiday living. Therefore, he understands every desire and expectation of each client wishing to find the villas dreamed of. It does not need to get busy searching for villa in one place. Simply by accessing, the villas longed for will immediately appear. By all means, the price will comply with the criteria specified by client.

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Top 10 Most Luxurious Ways To Experience The Magic Of Bali

Top 10 Most Luxurious Ways To Experience The Magic Of Bali

Bali is a great destination for every type of traveller. This magical island truly has something for everyone, no matter what your needs, likes and budget with a wide range of accommodations, restaurants and activities that would please backpackers, moderate travellers on a medium budget to those looking to really live it up right here on the island of the Gods.  If you’re a #luxetraveler looking to enjoy the finer things in life, then you’re in luck because Bali is definitely the place to be to satiate life’s most decadent pursuits.

We at Puri Asia have put together a quick list to help you enjoy the luxurious lifestyle. Here are the Top 10 Most Luxurious Ways to Experience the Magic of Bali:

1. Bali By Yacht

There are numerous private yachts and even catamarans available for private and group charters here in Bali. There are day cruises that will take you into the blue and over the water to Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan and return just in time to see the sun setting beyond the horizon, romantic Evening Cruises for couples looking for a memorable night out with a twist complete with live music, dancing and entertainment and fun Discovery Cruises that will let you explore Bali’s three sister islands all in one day! All your needs will be taken care of – food and drinks will be provided in air-conditioned comfort as well as fun activities like snorkelling, diving, village tour, beach club access, watersports and so much more. If you’re feeling lavish, book an entire yacht for yourself! Just see what you like and go for it.

2. World-Famous Beach Clubs

It is a well-known fact that South Bali has absolutely no shortages of beach clubs! When it comes to delicious food, amazing cocktails, great music and world-class amenities with stellar service, the beach clubs in Bali definitely have it all. Finns Beach Club is quite the landmark in Canggu and in Seminyak, you’ll find the legendary Potato Head, KU DE TA and Cocoon Beach Club in Double Six Beach. In Uluwatu, you can enjoy your very own “castaway” experience at the luxurious Sundays Beach Club and if you’re ever in Legian, do take some time to visit Azul Beach Club and S.K.A.I Beach Club, both overlooking Padma Beach. The newly opened Tropicola in Batu Belig brings a newer, fresher perspective to the scene along with Mrs Sippy in Petitenget. Not just a place to relax under the sun with a cocktail, you’ll also find the most thrilling parties taking place at these venues.

3. Extravagant Spa Days

What’s a holiday to Bali without a visit to a luxury spa for a day of opulent head-to-toe treatments? Bali is awash with extravagant spas that combine world-class service and time-honoured treatments, modern cutting-edge equipment, clean and fresh amenities, sauna rooms, plunge pools and a wide array of treatments, segments and sessions with therapists, experts and even traditional Balinese healers and yoga masters from the Himalayas! So give yourself a treat, whether it is a purification ritual or chakra cleansing that you’re after, a Reiki mood lift or the traditional and ever-popular Balinese massage, scrubs, cream baths, nail care or flower baths, you know that you will emerge refresh, rejuvenated and renewed.

4. Shopping In Seminyak

Seminyak is Bali’s renowned fashion capital and if you’ve been here before, you would definitely know of the amazing boutiques and shops lined up all along the street especially on Kayu Aya and Raya Seminyak. World-famous designers with beautiful authentic pieces have made their mark here including Arturro, Niluh Jelantik, Milo, Uluwatu Handmade Balinese Lace, Magali Pascal, Uma and Leopold, Lily Jean, Religion and Lulu Yasmin, not to mention endless art galleries, handcrafted furniture, accessories and jewellery. Here is Seminyak, the phrase “shop till you drop” really comes to life so get ready to spend all your hard-earned cash on some well-deserved pieces! These days, designer duds and authentic pieces can also be found in Canggu.

Seminyak dinning

6. Delicious Dining

Spoilt for choice, that is what you’ll be when you dine here in South Bali. This little island is home to an astonishing amount of restaurants that offer mind-blowing selections from all over the world. Local and international, crustacean or meat, vegan or vegetarian, you’ll find a wide range to satisfy whatever it is that you’re craving. Pick and choose the setting whether luxurious fine dining, molecular gastronomy, cosy family-style restaurants, quick in-and-out joints, casual cafes or even the simple roadside warung and carts, there is definitely something for everyone. Bali is also home to world-famous Chefs like Dean Keddell of Jackson Lily’s, Chris Salans of Spice and Will Meyrick of Sarong and Tiger Palm who have set the bar for the dining scene here so you know that you’re definitely in for a treat when you go out dining in Bali!

7. Golf Game

Bali has some impressive golf courses and if you’re one of those who enjoys living the high life, then you definitely can’t miss out on a round or two of golf while you’re on holiday! World-class golf courses are available including the award-winning and spectacular Nirwana Bali Golf Club near Tanah Lot Temple. In Nusa Dua, head to the Bali Golf & Country Club for a hole-in-one and in Sanur, the Grand Bali Beach offers a 9-hole golf course while the award-winning Handara Golf Resort Bali, located at the beautiful and cool Bedugul countryside is an impressive 18-hole golf resort and nature retreat that’s perfect for families. In Pecatu, take your swing at the beautiful New Kuta Golf, voted as Indonesia’s leading golf resort 2010-2011. Golf academies are great if you want to get your children into the swing of things and there are also plenty of Golf Championships taking place throughout the year.


8. Helicopter Tours

Here’s an interesting way to really elevate your Bali holiday – try a helicopter tour that will take you along the South Coast of Bali and even to Bali’s central lake districts where you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the caldera lakes, volcanoes and forests from way up high! The helicopters used are only state-of-the-art with the utmost priority in safety, are fully air-conditioned with luxury leather seating for up to 5 passengers. Insurance is, of course, included.

yoga bali

9. Yoga

Bali is definitely a world-renowned yoga destination and if you’re feeling up to it, you could join an all-inclusive yoga retreat that will set you up in a luxury villa for accommodations, complete vegan and vegetarian 3-course meals, a private chef and butler, a team of staff, a private instructor and excursions to various fascinating destinations. The possibilities are endless when it comes to yoga here in Bali. It all depends on the activities and the location that you prefer.

10. Luxurious Bali Villas

Bali has astonishingly beautiful villas that will definitely rival those in Miami and even Monaco!  Luxury villas are a trademark of the island with plenty of choices for the discerning who prefer villas that would align with their preferences in style, design and location, whether on a secluded beachfront, overlooking a cliff, nestled amidst lush rice fields or bordering a verdant jungle, you can be sure to find the perfect Bali villa to suit your needs. Contact the team at Puri Asia to get started or simply visit today.   

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Hotel Or Villa? Choosing Your Perfect Bali Holiday Rental

Hotel Or Villa? Choosing Your Perfect Bali Holiday Rental

When planning for the ultimate Bali getaway, your choice of accommodation is key – what you end up choosing will either make or break your dream holiday. While it is important to choose an accommodation that is within your budget, remember to factor in all the aspects such as creature comforts, day-to-day requirements and amenities that would ensure your Bali holiday remains memorable.


Here are some tips on how to choose your ideal holiday home.

Choose Your Location

Location is everything. It will determine your day-to-day activities and other factors such as distance to-and-from airport and other landmarks, access to shopping, spa, restaurants and beach clubs of your choice and of course, transportation. It really depends on what you’re looking achieve from the holiday and how much time you want to spend on the road to get to it – remember, Bali’s infamous traffic can really put your patience to the test!

Those looking for amazing surf and incredible sunsets, narrow your options to the South like Uluwatu, Balangan and Pecatu. Want to be in the hustle and bustle and in the thick of it all? Then Kuta and Legian will be your best bet. For classier neighbourhoods, amazing shopping, divine beach clubs and dining, you’ve got the ever-popular Seminyak, Petitenget and Umalas and of course, Canggu for modern hippy vibes and vegan restaurants. If you want to just relax and stay amidst nature, then Ubud is your best bet. Those who really want to get away from it all can go even further out of South Bali to West Bali, North to Lovina and Singaraja or East to Sidemen, Amed and Tulamben.

Private Villa

Choose Your Accommodation Type

Now that you’ve locked down your preferred location, it’s time to select your accommodation of choice. Bali is awash with a plethora of hotels and villas that will suit a wide range of budgets. The question is, which accommodation option will be perfect for you? You can always choose a hotel that comes with 24-hour service, amenities, facilities and delightful never-ending buffet breakfasts, entertainment and dinners but staying in a villa gives you so much more for your buck! Here are just a few points to consider:

  •  Privacy – you can be sure that you’ll enjoy the utmost privacy that even the most luxurious hotel can’t beat. The entire property will be yours throughout the length of your stay. This means you won’t have to share your space with other travellers or worry about loud neighbours. The entire swimming pool will be yours not to mention garden, gym, sauna, the living room and of course, the kitchen where you’d be free to cook up a storm and make as much mess as you desire!


  • Savings – Whether you’re getting a two-bedroom villa or a ten-bedroom villa, you can be sure you’ll get your money’s worth especially if you’re sharing the cost with a group of friends or family. It’s huge savings especially when you factor in food, drinks, babysitting, your very own private pool, kitchen and living space!


  • Perfect Location – One of the best things about booking a private villa is that you can rent one in an incredible setting. Here in Bali, there are no shortages of stunning locations, including beachfront, rice fields’ view, cliff top, jungle views and even mountain views. While there are hotels that offer amazing views and location, keep in mind that you will have to share that with a few hundred other guests!


  • Beautiful Designs – When staying in a hotel, your only private space will be in your rooms or suites and while these may be extravagant and beautiful, nothing can beat an entire luxury villa all to yourself. You can enjoy endless open spaces extending indoors and outdoors, grand living spaces, entire kitchens, open-air pavilions and of course the gardens. Many villas now offer rooftop spaces for guests to relax, unwind, practice yoga in or even have a party!


Now that you know your preferred type of accommodation for your next trip to Bali, let’s get to planning! Check out Puri Asia for the most beautiful, new and newly renovated, modern, contemporary and traditional style villas in various locations and settings throughout the island.

Family Holiday 



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Villa Vida: Luxurious Villa Close To The Beach

A lot of thought and talent went into the creation of Villa Vida. It is obvious from the villa’s aesthetically pleasing and thoughtfully designed interior and exterior that it was built from the heart to impress. Located in a quiet lane in the heart of bustling Canggu, Villa Vida is part of a trio of Canggu Beachside villas located within the same lane and is just steps away from the beach. It is a monument to the very trendy California contemporary and a tribute to a sophisticated and modern island living that is nothing less than visually stunning.

Luxury 4 Bedrooms villa Vida is just steps away from the beach

The experience begins when guest enter Villa Vida through a private entryway leading into a mini courtyard which contains a small lush garden and a double front door flanked by a pair of gorgeous wooden sculptures. Open the door and you’ll see sunshine streaming in through floor-to-ceiling glass windows, allowing guests a spectacular view of the villa’s lush tropical surroundings while illuminating the living area that overlooks directly to the cool and inviting pool. The effect is nothing short of extraordinary. With the living room to the right, the kitchen is off to the left and just across the kitchen, next to the swimming pool is an open-air dining area.

The effect is nothing short of extraordinary.

Clever designer tweaks and accents such as elegant sand-coloured stone tiles, elements of metal, warm amber beams and high ceilings lend the villa a cool and understated feeling of sophisticated luxury. In the centre of the living area are sleek and stylish seats and sofas in muted natural colours arranged around an extra large wooden coffee table delightfully decorated with art pieces and further enhanced with black and white carpeting. Strategically placed art pieces, intricate sculptures, stone statues, paintings, beautiful antiques, and exotic carvings bring to mind exotic and faraway places yet to be explored. It is the villa’s coziest area yet, and in addition to being the perfect space to enjoy a relaxing morning or afternoon, it also doubles as a TV room or a family room.

The villa’s modern kitchen is extremely well-equipped with the latest state-of-art amenities. If you love cooking, then this spot in the villa will be your favourite. If not, there is always a Chef available to make you your favourite dishes for lunch and dinner. The entire outdoor space on the ground floor has been maximized to be utilized. Directly facing the pool is a sunbathing area with sunbeds and umbrellas. To its left, under gorgeous wooden designer lighting fixtures and more art pieces and paintings is the villa’s dining area featuring a long table made out of pure wood – an interesting piece which retains the shape of the tree that it once was. Dine in semi open-air comfort with splendid views of the sky, the garden and the pool.

The Master Bedroom enjoys its very own space on the second floor.

Three spacious, cool and comfortable bedrooms located on the ground floor surrounding the pool are all equipped with walk-in closets, modern-day amenities and large bathrooms while the Master Bedroom enjoys its very own space on the second floor. Ascend the glass and wood staircase from the living room and be welcomed by a quiet reading and relaxing nook located right outside the bedroom door, surrounded by more gorgeous art and paintings. Enjoy splendid sky and pool views from the balcony and access to the rooftop which can be fully utilized for parties, relaxation and even sunbathing.

Villa Vida is fully staffed with a team of six. A butler is always available to make you your holiday memorable and there is security 24/7. To find out more about Villa Vida, please visit this following link  

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Nusa Lembongan is an unspoilt tropical paradise

Nusa Lembongan is an unspoilt tropical paradise

just eight square kilometres – with little traffic and pollution. The smiling and friendly locals will welcome you to their idyllic surrounds, to their rich and diverse culture, beaches, quaint villages, and Hindu temples.  Located 12km off the coast of Sanur in Bali, Lembongan offers some of the best diving and snorkelling in Indonesia, as well as several world class surf breaks. The quality of dining options is surprisingly high and perhaps above all, this is a great place to just relax. Just 30 minutes by fast boat or 10 minutes via a scenic helicopter ride, Nusa Lembongan is in a group of three islands – Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida lie to the south – and is the island in the group with the most developed tourist accommodation and facilities.

There are several villas option such as :

Villa Casa Del Mar

Villa Casa Del Mar is a stunning three bedroom rental villa located on a low cliff above Sandy Bay, with views of the dramatic ocean below, Bali’s volcanoes and beautiful sunsets. Its luxurious and lively décor along with the spectacular surroundings make this villa perfect for friends and family to relax and get away from it all.

Villa Tranquilla

Sitting on a low cliff-front on the south-western corner of Nusa Lembongan, overlooking the stunning aqua ocean lays Villa Tranquilla. As the name suggests, this getaway is peaceful, tranquil and will ensure you feel like you are making the most of island living. Whether you are a couple or a group of family or friends this four bedroom villa for rent has something for everyone and with its relaxed yet sumptuous décor you may never want to leave.

Villa Voyage

Villa Voyage is five-bedroom villa which is located on absolute beachfront property in the idyllic tropical island setting of Nusa Lembongan. This five-bedroom villa boasts gorgeous sea vistas, glamorous ‘luxe nomad’ themed interiors, gourmet cuisine, and professional staff focused on spoiling their guests. Farah Khan, whose fashion creations are favoured by many Hollywood celebrities, has styled Villa Voyage as a barefoot luxury abode, while maintaining the old world charm of coconut-wood floors, bamboo, thatched alang-alang roof and driftwood lamps in a tropical island setting metres from the white-sand beach.

Villa Seascape

Villa Seascape is a stunning home on the ocean’s edge that is set to raise the bar for contemporary tropical living. Seascape is the perfect name for this spectacular villa, which offers expansive ocean vistas from its prime beachfront position. Bali-based Italian architect Valentina Audrito shaped the ultra-modern design with her signature playful use of space, soaring ceilings and creative blend of natural and fabricated material. The result is a laid-back-beach-house-meets-luxury-loft-living vibe that encourages guests to kick off their Jimmy Choos in favour of uber-cool (but uncompromisingly comfortable) barefoot bliss.

click here for more villas in lembongan  and contact us for reservation and more information.

Villa Casa Del Mar - Bathroom
Villa Casa Del Mar – Bathroom


Villa Casa Del Mar - Living Room
Villa Casa Del Mar – Living Room


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To Establish Relationship, Puri Asia Holds Gathering

MANGUPURA – PT. Puri Asia Indonesia, better known as Puri Asia (, a famous villa rental company, held a gathering on Wednesday (Sep, 12) at Baliana Villas Umalas, Kerobokan. In addition to establishing friendships with villa owners and related stakeholders, the event was also held to raise spirits amidst unstable economic conditions.

Agung Jularta, CEO and Founder of Puri Asia, explained that the gathering was held to bring relevant stakeholder together to encourage enthusiasm for marketing. “ September is also low season, so Puri Asia Gathered people together to keep their spirits high” he said.  These yearly event is itself a form of marketing to let people know that Puri Asia is alive and well. “ With the current economic conditions, many travel agencies are having a hard time, but Puri Asia is going strong”, he said reassuringly.
The gathering on Wednesday included 75 companies (35 villa management companies and 25 villa rental companies along with wedding and other event organizers and other stakeholder. “One villa management companies can manage anywhere from 20 – 100 villas”, he said.

Juliarta added that he hopes that this event will continue growing in the coming years with more and more sponsors taking part. This year CV ULTIMA BRILLIANT SARANA who provides construction services was one of the main sponsors of this event aimed at expanding Puri Asia’s client base and relations.
Puri Asia markets approximately 500 villas currently, mostly in Bali but also in Lombok, Thailand (Phuket and Koh Samui), Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

Source : Bali Post International Newsletter


Puri asia gathering Puri Asia gathering

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Best Sport Bar to Watch World Cup in Bali

Best Sport Bar to Watch World Cup in Bali

World Cup 2018 is on it’s hottest fire! and no matter where you are, and how busy you are on your daily holiday in Bali, we’re sure you don’t wanna miss your favorite country match especially on this Round of 16! And Bali, for sure, has it all. Find where you can watch the biggest football match When in Bali as its best crowd on below list:

1. Adrenalin Sport Bar

Located in the heart of Seminyak, this famous sport bar opened from 10.00 and, of course, hold an extra special session for World Cup. This dedicated sport bar also features some sport events such as : AFL, NRL, Rugby Onion, and so on. Completed with 13 large screen LCD televisions, experienced staff, and good selection of food and beverages. Adrenalin Sport Bar is a right choice to Experience your world Cup while in Bali.

  • Adrenaline Sport Bar
  • Seminyak Square (2nd Stair). Jl. Kayu Aya, Seminyak, Kuta.

2. James Cook Sports Bar

Calling all Kerobokan’s dudes to come to James Cook Sports Bar to experience the world cup. The bar which located on Jalan Raya Semer is updating the daily World Cup Schedule on their Facebook. You can also enjoy the match with your kids with zero worry, as they have a kids room. Wide range of food selection are also awaiting you on the table, from western food to Balinese Traditional Food, Icy Cold Beer to their signature cocktail. James Cook Sports Bar is worth to be listed.

  • James Cook Sports Bar
  • Jl. Raya Semer No.100, Kerobokan, Canggu, Bali 80361, Indonesia

James Cook Sports Bar

3. Score Sports Bar

Walking distance from famous Batubolong beach, Score Sports Bar is a good place to hangout for your World Cup Match. Located at first floor, next to Aston Canggu lobby area, with direct independent access from the road of Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong, Scores Sport Bar provides a nice lounge and large TV Screen to watch the match. They will indulge you also with their Happy Hour, and delicate International Cuisines.

  • Score Sports Bar
  • Aston Canggu Beach Resort, Jalan Pantai Bolong No.99 Canggu

Score Sports Bar

4. Stadium Cafe

Easy access from famous, and busy Kartika Plaza Street. This all day restaurant is well known for its good crowd to watch a game or two. Provided by plenty indoor and outdoor seating, not to mention a great selection of light bites, mains, and beverages. Like they say, Stadium Cafe is such a sport watching paradise!

  • Stadium Cafe
  • Jl. Kartika Plaza | Complex Kuta Sidewalk, Kuta 80361,


5. Have your private watching session? WHY NOT!

Having no privacy at sport bar? Or worry to left your kids alone? No worries! It’s all no more impossible to have your own World Cup watching session. A private villa, which so much more privacy in it, decent TV Screen, world cup accessible, chips and beer, pool to celebrate, and experienced private staff to serve. We have plenty selection of private villa which will definitely suits you. From high-end Seminyak area, Sanur, to Canggu. Here are the villa list which has private cinema :

  1. Villa Puri Salila
  2. Villa Mary
  3. The Longhouse Villa

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Top 10 Luxury Bali Villa Escapes For Your Summer Holiday

Top 10 Luxury Bali Villa Escapes For Your Summer Holiday.

Stunning sunset, mild forest, pure turquoise ocean view, chic restaurant, exotic culture, 24 hour party, Bali has it all!

If you’re planning a summer holiday to Bali with your loved ones, whether for honeymoon, big family trip,  friends reunion, or yoga retreat, this top 10 Luxury Villa is must to be read for your perfect holiday escape. From luxury beachfront , to magnificent calm garden vibes Villa.  Prepare for some stunning images that will brighten up your day!


  1. Bayu Gita Beachfront Villa.

Located down a quaint lane in the charming seaside village of Ketewel, Gianyar. Bayu Gita unravels the stunning beauty of the south east Bali coast line. Sits on 3065 sqm, this luxury beachfront villa features 6 bedrooms and not one, but three swimming pools which facing the superb views across the Bandung Straits all the way to Nusa Lembongan. ( Sanur, 6 Bedrooms, USD 1125++/ night ) 

Bayu Gita Beachfront

  1. Semarapura Villa

Sits on number 9, this five bedrooms Bali villa located on Bali’s southwest coast area where away from the hustle and bustle of Bali’s tourist spots yet super convenient, Seseh. Hosted up to 12 people, Semarapura villa offers a 20 meters infinity pool which facing the view of views of Cemagi’s captivating sea temple, as well as vast green gardens. This family friendly villa will deliver your Bali Holiday like no other! ( Cangggu, 5 bedrooms, USD 1180++/ night )

Villa Semarapura

  1. Villa Melissa

Such a dose of heaven, you will be impressed with its Bali’s Sea turquoise coastline and greens view of Villa Melissa. This 5 bedrooms Villa is such a perfect Bali hideaway behind the Canggu’s hustle and bustle. Offering the taste of Ocean living by their master bedroom and open living, as well as jungle living by their Garden Bedrooms. You can’t get closer to the beach than from Villa Melissa. ( Canggu, 5 bedrooms, USD 1295++/ night )

Mellisa Villa Bali

  1.  Villa Batu Jimbar

This Balinese exotic and and historical villa will definitely take your heart away. Located in the beachfront of Sanur, a hearty calm area where the famous Mick Jagger, Sting, and Lady Diana spend their leisure time. Villa Batu Jimbar offers an ambience of the Balinese culture’s richness. Featuring 9 bedrooms, a traditional Bale, and lovely Pavilions. Just like Lady Diana had, this warm under toned Bali villa will bring you a maximum serenity. ( Sanur, 9 Bedrooms, 1950 ++/ night )

Batujimbar Villa

  1. Villa Soham

Quite possibly what dreams are made of. Villa Soham poised on a cliff top of Uluwatu, Bali overlooking the spectacular view of Indian Ocean. This 5 Bedrooms villa which sets on one of two luxury properties at Sohamsa Ocean Estate features master, pool, upper suites and a vast infinity pool where you can enjoy the arresting Bali best sunrise and sunset from. ( Uluwatu, 5 bedrooms, USD 1750++/ night )

Soham villa bali

  1. Arnalaya Beach house

Situated on spacious gardens in the heart of picturesque Canggu, Arnalaya beach house is an epitome of contemporary yet superbly masterpiece. Arnalaya beach house sits on 430 sqm, consist of  6 bedrooms villa which features ocean and courtyard suites. Its calm spaces invites indoors and outdoors to be seamlessly integrated. Combined a sensational touch of Sonny Chan and Albano Daminato, this family friendly property will immerse your inner holiday sense. Such a perfect click for your large group holiday escape or a calm retreat. ( Canggu, 5 bedrooms, USD 1895++/ night ) 

Arnalay Beach House

  1. The Jamadara

Enjoy your relaxing dip on this marvelous 5 bedrooms villa, The Jamadara Ocean Villas. Sits on 2.500 sqm, this family friendly Villa which hosted up to 10 people will indulge you with its inviting Bali ocean view. Comes with a free complementary access to enjoy explore the crystal clear lagoon Sundays Beach Club, as well as the water sports, and completed with its flawless personalized butler. Jamadara Villa will brings you nothing but a Bali’s best heavenly time! ( Uluwatu, 5 Bedrooms, USD 2500++/ night ) 

The Ungasan - Jamadara

  1. The Pala

If you wish to sensate an afternoon nap on the edge of the world, The Pala is a perfect choice. Sets on a Pandawa Cliff Estate – a hidden paradise located high above the ocean on Bali’s southernmost tip, this truly magnificent six-bedroomed property will awaken your holiday and relaxation sense. Completed by a spa treatment room, fitness room and children’s playroom, as well as a view of turquoise Pandawa beach, The posh beachfront Pala Bali Villa is as intimate as its best. ( Uluwatu, 6 Bedrooms, USD 2080 ++/ night )

The Pala Villa

  1. Grand Cliff Villa

This glamorous Ibiza style Villa with its spellbinding ocean view sits on number two of the list. Situated on one of the top area in Bali, Uluwatu, secures on a safe gated environment of a private luxury residence.  This 5 bedrooms eclectic villa is everything you’re looking for a holiday gateway! A wander around is a combination between European and Balinese building style.

Completed with 20 meter private pool, terraces and balconies, a cinema room, a billiard table, a lower deck with a Jacuzzi tub, and an open-sided relaxation gazebo, Grand Cliff Villa is truly, truly undeniable! ( Uluwatu, 5, USD 1750++/ night)

Grand Cliff villa bali

  1. Villa Puri Salila

Imagine a world where calm air breezes ,the waves of the Indian Ocean as your wake up call, a sip of cocktail while watching a stunning sunset right on the edge of the Bali’s sea, plus a sophisticated one stop entertainment. Sits on 3.527,9 sqm, Villa Puri Salila nestled on Bali South East Coast, Pabean Beach, Bali. This super spacious beachfront villa offers an unrestricted and private beach access, outdoor showers and extensive gardens to explore. The interiors are delightfully quaint and cozy with lots of warm creams, wooden furniture and open dining room. Occupied by 6 bedrooms, children’s play room, a private cinema room, as well as breath taking 25m infinity pool which facing panoramic vistas of Mount Agung. Villa Puri Salila s a perfect choice for a big family trip, or large group. No doubt, it is beyond worth to be sit as number one of this chart. (Sanur, 6 bedrooms, USD 1400++/ night). 

Salila villa

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Discover Luxury Villas In Beautiful Galle, Sri Lanka – Insights From The Puri Asia Team

Discover Luxury Villas In Beautiful Galle, Sri Lanka – Insights From The Puri Asia Team

Hello, and nice to meet you from Sri-Lanka, My name is Tharindu Hasanka and I work for Puri Asia Sri Lanka since January 2018 to provide Luxury Villas Sri Lanka. I have lived in Sri-Lanka all my life and I am very proud of my wonderful country. I live in the small village Bentota, on the West Coast. The West Coast has wonderful beaches, is famous for the lush nature and turtle farms. I would like to tell you more about my country another time. For now, I’ll tell you about my trip to the city of Galle.

Galle is an old fort, build by the Dutch in the 17th century. Besides the remains from the Dutch, there are many other things to see in this seaside town. The streets of Galle are great to stroll along and visit the many handcraft and art shops. However, I went there to visit a few villa’s and meet with the local manager. The road from Bentota to Galle along the coast is about 1 hour, so I was glad my friend Sanju could join me.

We met our local manager Mr. Charit at the Suriyawatta villa. The Suriyawatta villa has an astounding view over the ocean. From the sunbeds you can look over the pool into the depth of the ocean. The garden is well kept and very peaceful. The atmosphere of the villa is antique. Five bedrooms make it suitable for medium sized groups or families. The villa was very tidy and well maintained. The staff is friendly and can also take care of the transport of the guests.

The next villa was the Kumara villa. The Kumara makes you feel like a king! Everything is so luxurious and beautiful. The garden is really big with a lawn, plants and trees all around. My favourite place would be in the relaxed chairs, overlooking the garden. The trees all around make the villa and garden very private. There are three bedrooms. The villa has a wonderful mix of modern and antique style. This villa is very well suited for a family or smaller group.

Luxury Villas Sri Lanka.
Villa Kumara Srilanka

The last villa we visited today was the Ivory Villa. This villa is situated in a peaceful surrounding near the village of Angulugaha. It is build in a typical antique Sri-Lankan style. There are four bedrooms, a dining and living room. I would like to watch a movie on the big screen with some close friends, in the well decorated living room. I think the villa would be great to enjoy with family and friends.

In the Ivory Villa the staff welcomed us with cool drinks and an unexpected lunch. We had a very enjoyable chat with Mr Charit. I look forward to bring guests to one of these idyllic and luxurious villas!

All villa’s we visited are situated near Galle. Galle is about two and a half hour drive from the airport. Transport to and from the airport and numerous trips can be arranged.