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Amandari Villas Ubud
$4,200 /night

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Composed of five pavilions, a landscaped garden and a two-tiered swimming pool, the Amandari Villa features three detached terrace-style bedrooms around a glass-walled living room and kitchen. The property, serviced by two staff, is situated a minute’s drive from Amandari

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Ubud Green Villas Ubud
$150 /night

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Ubud Green Villas – Ubud Villa Ubud Green Villas are 16-villas property located on an 8,000 m2 at the center of Ubud’s spiritually charming environment. Ubud Green Villas are designed to capture the sweeping beauty of Ubud’s terraced rice field landscape, offering a guest experience that is intimate, unique, and seasoned generously with Balinese hospitality. Our friendly staff members, carefully chosen from the local population, stand ready to pamper you from the heart. Ubud is a tourist village, famous for its cultural appeal and the beautiful panorama of rice fields, forests and rivers. Entering the village of Ubud you will see…

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Villa Oia Ubud
$450 /night

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Villa Oia Ubud  – 4-bedroom villa with private infinity pool Villa Oia located only 5 minutes to Ubud Center. Filled with an infinite swimming pool overlooking the jungle, open-air living areas and a mix of traditional Balinese and modern furnishings, this 4-bedroom villa was made to provide guests an authentic Balinese experience, a relaxing atmosphere as well as a real tropical experience. test Villa Oia is a stunning luxury brand new 4-bedroom villa with private infinity pool, bale and breathtaking view over the valley. This space is so unique because it is located in a very peaceful, clean and green area,…

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Villa Shinta Dewi Ubud Ubud

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Villa Shinta Dewi Ubud – Four Bedrooms Villa in Ubud Villa Shinta Dewi Ubud rests on the edge of a tranquil village among verdant rice fields just north of Ubud. Lovers of Bali will appreciate this four-bedroom two-storey oasis close to the island’s cultural heart. Set in a delightful tropical garden, terraced towards a small ravine, it offers peace, privacy and relaxing Bali-style indoor/outdoor living for up to 11 guests. The villa has two open and breezy living areas, a dining area with open-plan kitchen (and service kitchen tucked behind), a poolside balé, large garden balé, alfresco dining terrace, and a gym…

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Villa San Ubud

View details Built-Up - 2500 M 2 Land Size - 2500 M 2

Villa San – Six Bedrooms Villa in Ubud In Bali’s spiritual heart of Ubud, lies the private and serene Villa San. This six-bedroom luxury villa accommodates up to twelve people set across lush gardens that centre around a 25m lap pool and incorporate elegant sculptures and a tranquil meditation terrace. Showcasing an impressive array of artworks and handicrafts originating from China, Africa and Indonesia, Villa San is only minutes from sensational shopping, superb spas, classic cultural performances and luxuriant rice fields. The spacious grounds of this Ubud retreat offer freedom and flexibility for both families and large groups sharing, with hammocks and…

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Villa Alamanda Ubud Ubud

View details Built-Up - 2900 M 2 Land Size - 2900 M 2

Villa Alamanda Ubud – Four Bedrooms Villa in Ubud Set outside the peaceful hum of Ubud, Villa Alamanda Ubud is perched high on a jungle-clad hillside overlooking a ravine. This beautiful four-bedroom villa epitomises calm and tranquility and is the perfect retreat for those seeking a quiet and relaxing holiday within easy reach of Bali’s exotic cultural centre. Carefully designed to harmonise with the environment, the villa combines traditional architecture and materials to create an enchanting tropical oasis. Villa Alamanda Ubud’s design complements its natural setting with alang-alang thatched roofs, wooden beams and polished floors featuring a large open-sided terrace to enjoy the…

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Villa Beji Mawang Ubud

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Villa Beji Mawang Villa Beji Mawang has emerged from the extensive travels of a couple around Indonesia and other parts of the world – distilling from their experiences an ideal for the location, design and building of a villa in Bali that they, their family and friends would truly enjoy. Months of searching led to the village of Lodtunduh, near Ubud, to find the land for the villa and then engage a well-respected Balinese architect to transform their ideas. The couple became captivated by the site, its calming environment, its spiritual connection to the holy spring temple by the Ayung…

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Villa Griya Atma Ubud

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Villa Griya Atma Being Built surrounded by the rice paddies, Villa Griya Atma is the four bedrooms villa situated just by the side of Villa Griya Aditi, these two villas can actually be rented altogether as the whole seven bedrooms. The phrase Griya Atma means “The Abode of the Soul” in Sanskrit, and this villa is located in the friendly village of Tengkulak Kelod, just ten minutes away southern part of Ubud. Overlooking a landscape of rice fields and forest, the guests would definitely find calm and relaxation during the stay, while you are only a short drive away from…

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Griya Aditi Ubud

View details Built-Up - 1450 M 2 Land Size - 1450 M 2

Griya Aditi Villa Griya Aditi is located in the friendly village of Tengkulak Kelod, near Ubud the villa name means “The Abode of the Light” in Sanskrit. Overlooking a landscape of rice fields and forest, you will find calm and relaxation, while you are only a short drive away from the cultural and artistic experience of Ubud and nearby villages. Built along the stretch of a lush green rice paddies field, Griya Aditi offers three bedrooms luxury dwelling along with its comprehensive facilities and remarkable surrounding. Villa Griya Aditi situated just by the side of Villa Griya Atma is the four bedrooms villa , these two…

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Villa Kelusa Ubud

View details Built-Up - 4700 M 2 Land Size - 4700 M 2

Villa Kelusa Villa Kelusa is a bewitching, four-building compound on an isolated 3.1 hectares in the true, vibrant, beating heart of Bali. At jungle’s edge, atop a vast amphitheater of rice paddies cascading down into the deep gorge of the holy Pakuseba River, and with a panoramic view of a distant ridge of nine ancient volcanoes, the lovely and ultra-private Villa Kelusa is nestled in the Balinese foothills beneath the very small, traditional village of Kelusa. While practically untouched by the modern world, Kelusa is also a surprisingly few minutes drive down the hill to Ubud, a very large, bustling…

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Villa Bodhi Ubud

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Villa Bodhi Ubud, Bali Villa Bodhi, it is said that bali is home to the gods. Ubud, the center of this mystical island and gathering place for the arts, is the heart of bali. Villa Bodhi, named after the tree of enlightenment, is just 25 minutes outside of ubud. Here in a timeless jungle textured with bamboo and coconut, you will find tiyingan, a little village of 60 families who are your hosts. As a guest, you will discover your spirit in the echo of their temple prayers and gamalan music. You will be nourished with fresh local produce from…

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Villa Rumah Lotus Ubud

View details Built-Up - 2700 M 2 Land Size - 2700 M 2

Villa Rumah Lotus Villa Rumah Lotus is a very peaceful place of which you will be very happy to discover. We do hope you will enjoy your stay in Ubud Bali, the island of Gods. This villa is indeed the realization of a dream, the magical place, surrounded by the rice fields and the coconut forests. The villa is composed of a large living-terrace area including living-room, dining area, bar, American kitchen as well as a long pool sized (18m x 4m) in the harmonious overflow with the surrounding environment. The villa has 2 suites about 55 m2, uniquely decorated with also the…

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Villa Awan Biru Ubud

View details Built-Up - 14000 M 2 Land Size - 14000 M 2

Villa Awan Biru – Ubud Villa Villa Awan Biru is situated in the north of Ubud at the edge of the volcano slope, this Five bedrooms villa is located on 1.15 ha land slopping from the top of the hill until a dramatic river valley. Terrace rice fields, temples, river and even the famous mount Agung are surrounding this place blessed by the gods and the nature. Villa Awan Biru is certainly the most luxurious villa of the area due to its environment, size, architecture, quality of service and interior design. The traditional architectural style is matching with the most…

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Villa Cemadik Ubud

View details Built-Up - 3150 M 2 Land Size - 3150 M 2

Villa Cemadik – Villa in Ubud Situated in a small village of Pejeng, Banjar Pesalakan, just outside of Ubud center, Villa Cemadik Ubud is perfectly far away from hustle and bustle. Set amongst the uninterrupted rice fields at the front of the villa and the nature sound of nature at night. Goa Gajah – the famous elephant cave is only 10 minutes drive, while the Ubud market is accessible within 15 minutes, and the Ngurah Rai International Airport can be reached in around 1 hour. The villa has 3 en-suite bedrooms which set in Balinese architecture. Build on flat ground;…

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Villa Kamaniiya Ubud

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Villa Kamaniiya – Villa in Ubud Villa Kamaniiya celebrates the basic principles of traditional Balinese architecture where every structure has a distinct sense of space and purpose. Villa Kamaniiya located in Ubud, Bali. Indigenous materials such as stone and reclaimed timber have been used throughout to ensure that the entire property is sensitive to the surrounding natural environment. An elegant living pavilion takes pride of place in the centre of the property and is edged by an enormous pond on one side and a t-shaped swimming pool on the other. It is impressive open-plan structure supported by solid timber columns…

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Villa Kembang Bali Ubud

View details Built-Up - 3000 M 2 Land Size - 3000 M 2

Villa Kembang Bali Villa Kembang Bali is the crown jewel of Kelusa Village, located only a short drive from the central Ubud, which is known as the cultural Hub of the world renowned island, Bali. The villa features modern Balinese architecture, surrounded by terrace of rice paddy field it is on the upper ridge of the hill, with two swimming pools nested in the middle of a 3000 square meter landscape of gardens, lotus ponds and waterfall, creating the serenity and tranquility. Harmoniously blending the traditional and modern design, Villa Kembang Bali consists of seven rooms. These rooms are named…

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Villa Samaki Ubud

View details Built-Up - 4300 M 2 Land Size - 4300 M 2

Villa Samaki Villa Samaki is a Three bedrooms villa nestled on the side of a gently sloping ravine, overlooking Campuhan River of Ubud. In this secluded haven, your privacy and peace are enhanced by the surrounding views of the tropical forest, green rice fields, and the soothing sound of the river, all harmonizing to ensure your relaxation and sense of serenity located in the quiet village of Moding. The main entrance of the villa designed very Balinese with a unique bell made of wood that shaped like the cowbell, just shake this bell and you will suddenly feel the hospitality…

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Villa Umah Shanti Ubud

View details Built-Up - 2800 M 2 Land Size - 2800 M 2

Villa Umah Shanti – Villa in Ubud Getting its name from Balinese and Sanskrit words which means ‘a Peaceful Home’, Villa Umah Shanti is a private villa designed to be a peaceful, romantic, relaxing and rejuvenating place for you as a couple or having fun with friends. Located around 15 minutes from central Ubud, this stunning Bali villa is a refined 3 bedrooms private villa, a perfect holiday home. The design of Villa Umah Shanti is combining modern architecture yet, traditional touch remains, with vibrant interior colors, giving a sense of a home warm. The main building with large lounge…

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Villa Vajra Ubud

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Villa Vajra Villa Vajra is located just minutes outside the cultural town of Ubud. The villa which offer a variety of services in-house, also provide a perfect location from which to sample the various cultural delights and local activities of the area. The “Vajra” is a quintessential symbol of Vajrayana Buddhism. It is an object used in Tibetan rituals to represent the sword of wisdom cutting through ignorance. Villa Vajra was designed by the internationally acclaimed architect Guy Morgan. It is a dramatic expression of openness to the surrounding natural setting and its spaciousness offers luxurious accommodation in four bedrooms.…

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Villa Vastu Ubud

View details Built-Up - 3600 M 2 Land Size - 3600 M 2

Villa Vastu Thirty minutes north of Ubud a midst lovely rice paddies, right at the rim of the mighty river Ayung is located the private luxurious Villa Vastu. Villa Vastu is a compound of -3-major buildings and -3-smaller edifices, a large swimmingpool, a lotus pond and a parking area. This ensemble is set in a plush tropical garden of 3700 m² with thousands of flowers and plants, circled by a parameter wall. The Design of Villa Vastu is somewhat unique. It is based on the age-old Indian science of building, named VASTU (comparable to Feng Shui). Vastu is Hindu-born and…

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Villa Bayad Ubud

View details Built-Up - 8000 M 2 Land Size - 8000 M 2

Villa Bayad – Villa in Ubud Fifteen minutes north of Ubud – in the middle of lush green ricepaddies, with a magnificent view of Bali’s mighty Mount Agung, lies Villa Bayad – a private luxurious 4 bedrooms villa with two swimming pools, surrounded by a 8000 m2 garden of sweet smelling flowers, lotus-ponds and waterfalls. Villa Bayad is a spacious, luxurious 4 bedroom villa, designed by Popo Danes, one of the most reknowned architects in Southeast Asia. The villa is traditionally laid out as a compound, the 4 bedrooms being separate houses beside the main house, all connected by flower-covered…

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Villa Hartland Estate Ubud

View details Built-Up - 6000 M 2 Land Size - 6000 M 2

Villa Hartland Estate – Villa in Ubud Villa Hartland Estate is nestled into the slopes of Ubud‘s scenic Sayan Ridge and overlooking a patchwork of rice paddies beside the Ayung River lies Bali’s latest work of art – a thoughtfully conceived and charmingly executed Luxury 5 bedroom Luxury Bali Retreat – only a 7-minute drive from the centre of Ubud. Carefully set into the landscape around the 6,000 square meter Estate by celebrated architect Yew Kuan (Como Shambhala Estate), Villa Hartland Estate offers 3 one-bedroom and 1 two-bedroom comfortable and beautifully furnished air-conditioned Suites. Each Suite has its own private…

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The Malabar House Ubud

View details Built-Up - 4000 M 2 Land Size - 4000 M 2

The Malabar House The Malabar House is not a typical villa in Bali. This villa also is the most luxury villa in Ubud. It is a grand neo-colonial residence built amongst the lush paddy fields surrounding the cultural centre of Bali, Ubud. A frequent residence of the owner himself, it  is built to exacting standards, the primary objective of which was to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the surroundings, The Malabar House is your home away from home, designed and serviced by staff to be treated as such. This special villa has 2 master bedroom suites in the main…

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